Caverta Reviews

"Greetings! I came across this site and decided to share my experience of using caverta. I had difficulties with my erection and couldn't last long, my penis used to sag after a couple of minutes. I haven't seen any other way out as to try drugs. Caverta was my choice. First, because it's cheaper than Viagra, second because it claims to be of the same effect. I thought I wouldn't lose much if I tried it. Actually, I haven't lost anything, on the contrary I got what I wanted – strong erection. I'm satisfied with my choice of drug, it's perfect for me."

"Hello. I am also among those suffering from ED. I'm an obese person, so I think it's somehow related. Of course it would be better to lose some weight, but it's hard to do. Instead I ordered pills for ED (caverta, it's generic viagra). Frankly speaking I didn't expect them to be so effective, especially if to consider their low price. But these triangular pills turned to be magic. Hope you will find them magic too, but I heard they can work differently for different men."

"Hi, I'm looking for more reviews for caverta. I'm still hesitating what to buy: caverta or kamagra. If you tried both or at least one of them, please leave your comments what you found best for you."

"Well, what I can add to all these comments is that the Indian pharmacies do make effective drugs. And caverta is the proof for that. Not only caverta I think, because a friend of mine tried other pills for ED but I'm not sure about their name, though they were definitely generic. In any event, I want to say that caverta is a nice drug, very efficient and of high quality as it can produce strong erection."

"Hello. Let me add my comment too. Coverta is a good drug, it works long and acts fast. I'm satisfied with it, but I still have some side effects from time to time. I usually experience a headache and body flashing, but they do not last long and they often stop when I'm exhausted. I think there are no ideal pills that would work perfectly without any flaw, that is why I enjoy the effect and cope with some side effects."

"Please, I'm looking for an advice here. I've tried caverta just some days ago but I've found my erection was too rigid and it faded only when I got tired. I used caverta 50, do you think I need to cut it? Thanks."

"Hi, I also used caverta and found it very effective. If you tried viagra and liked it then you will likely to love caverta for the effectiveness and what is more low price! The former l like as much as the performance I get every time after using. I recommend it!"

"Well, I was warned about some side effects of this drug, but I think it concerns all anti-impotence drugs. Yes, I had facial flushing and some stomach disorder but they vanished with time, probably it was a sort of adaptation. In any event this is a nice drug."

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